The Weinstein Group’s transparent and collaborative approach to resolving disputes or planning in order to avoid disputes, allows clients to feel part of the process for which they are so invested. Our reputation and experience are two reasons TWG is often retained, but equally important is our reliance upon open client communication which often leads to the formation of proactive and creative strategies that have a greater probability of success. Our focus on client service includes:

  • Attention to successful collaboration which, in turn, provides our attorneys with the tools they need in order to proactively craft and zealously execute strategies resolving the disputes and attending to the needs of our clients

  • Loyally serving the client’s needs while maintaining high ethical standards and treating all with respect

  • Effective and patient communication with attorneys who possess experience as well as broad legal knowledge

  • Attention to detail throughout the entire transaction whether for document creation, document review, trial, mediation, arbitration, settlement, or on appeal

  • Proactive, forward thinking, and comprehensive approach to all issues that could potentially be involved with the matter.


The Weinstein Group, P.C. is a thriving boutique litigation firm founded in 2003 by Lloyd J. Weinstein with a vision of building a better law practice by providing extraordinary client representation centered upon a team approach with loyal, tenacious, and intelligent attorneys who provide not only zealous advocacy but also value for the services provided.  The firm handles business litigation, real estate litigation and commercial leasing disputes, employment litigation, insurance coverage matters, construction disputes, landlord tenant disputes, asset recovery, arbitration, mediation, contract execution, and appeals.  The Weinstein Group is comprised of experienced associates, paralegals, and support staff to handle matters of virtually any size and complexity.

We provide the highest quality representation while abiding by our clients’ objectives and concerns which allows our attorneys to approach the litigation in a tailored and efficient manner in an effort to not disrupt nor drain resources. Although proactive and action oriented, TWG attorneys always uphold the highest professional and ethical standards.

Labor and Employment


The Weinstein Group has represented companies, senior executives, as well as employees regarding all aspects of employment law.  Our attorneys have appeared in both federal and state courts as well as administrative agencies in employment related matters including prosecuting/defending claims for wrongful termination; age, disability, and other forms of discrimination claims; violation of non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements; sexual harassment claims; FLSA and other wage and work hour issues; and breach of severance agreements. TWG attorneys also work with businesses of all sizes on non-litigated employee issues which consist of the creation/review/negotiation/and enforcement of executive employment arrangements, company handbooks, employment manuals, personnel policies and conducting due diligence.




At TWG our litigation philosophy is founded upon open communication with the client.  Our attorneys place an importance on being fully transparent with the client in all aspects of the litigation and there is the expectation that the TWG client is equally transparent regarding all aspects of the events, facts, and issues at hand. Such mutual transparency is essential to effective representation, as it allows both the client and firm to be confident that all angles of the action are being addressed and analyzed in order to create and carry out comprehensive solutions and strategies to all litigation disputes. Such open communication leads to effective and proactive collaboration with our clients which serves to create a working relationship where the client should always feel their opinion, advice, knowledge is welcome and valued.  After all, the client is greatly vested in the dispute (or else litigation would not be sought) and our attorneys understand the importance of every issue to each of our clients and are here to help secure a satisfactory resolution thereto. Whether the problem involves business litigation or a private family matter, our experienced attorneys form a comprehensive strategy that is reviewed and accepted by the client before going forward.  Once approved, we develop and implement such strategy while maintaining flexibility, being mindful of unintended consequences, and with an ever present effort of including the client.  With such an attentive, personalized, and proactive approach, The Weinstein Group attorneys help our clients get the results they need, in the manner they desire.


Business Litigation


Being the core of the Weinstein Group’s practice, TWG lawyers have delivered numerous positive settlements and trial victories in business actions in federal and state courts, and arbitration and mediation proceedings. TWG’s range of experience includes prosecuting and defending contract actions, licensing agreements, partnership disputes, real estate agreements, commercial lease disputes, confirming/challenging arbitration awards, shareholder derivative actions, corporate control disputes, employment disputes, and franchise agreements, just to name a few. We have experience in virtually all areas of commercial litigation and consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.


Real Estate Litigation


TWG represents clients in all aspects of real estate litigation involving areas such as residential and commercial lease disputes, residential and commercial lease execution, zoning, enforcement of commercial tenant rights, and actions to quiet title.


Appellate Practice


Success in appellate litigation requires a combination of tenacity, originality, legal analysis, and the ability to view a record with enormous detail and with reasoned perspective. Effective appellate litigation also requires clarity and persuasiveness in both written and oral arguments. While the underlying issues may be convoluted, the best appellate arguments cut through the confusion with succinct and powerful themes that focus the court and drive the result. TWG attorneys bring these skills to each appeal it handles, whether they be pre-trial, interlocutory, or post trial rulings appealed from.   


Special Education


The special education process can be overwhelming. The assistance of experienced counsel can make a world of difference.

Children with special needs are entitled to a “free and appropriate” education (FAPE) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004. There are several other statutes that protect children’s rights, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, No Child Left Behind, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other Vermont and federal laws. Understanding what these statutes and regulations mean for your child is complex and time-consuming work. TWG can help you navigate all of the options and choose the most efficient course of action to obtain the option that best suits the needs of your child.  

TWG applies a firm-wide strategy that focuses on client collaboration with all aspects of the decision making process.  In special education matters, such collaboration extends to parents, educators and social service agencies in an effort to obtain a free and appropriate education for your child. Oftentimes parents and educators can be fantastic advocates and TWG’s collaborative environment allows all advocates (parental, legal, and educational) an opportunity to collectively create an appropriate and comprehensive solution for your child—from the core of the plan to how such plan will be awarded and implemented.

Parents should know that when they disagree with the supervisory union’s decisions regarding their child’s needs, they have the right to appeal those decisions at an impartial hearing. TWG will advocate for your child’s education in a wide range of ways – from guidance for parents in creating special needs trusts and general strategy; to accompanying parents at IEP meetings and local hearings; and representation and negotiations with administrators, courts, and state entities.

TWG also counsels educators, medical professionals, social service agencies and advocacy groups on the various laws protecting the educational rights of children.

In particular, TWG can assist you with:

  • Developing an appropriate Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for your child, which outlines the special education services your child should receive

  • Reviewing all educational records in order to advocate for appropriate services for your child

  • Identifying and securing placement in an appropriate educational setting

  • Securing appropriate educational services for your child

  • Locating educational resources for your child with special needs

  • Handling school disciplinary matters

  • Following special education due process

  • Acquiring reimbursement for special education private school

  • Advocating for SAT/ACT test accommodation

  • Developing an appropriate plan for your child’s transition to adulthood




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